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Ceramic Detailing in OAHU, HI

Services Offered

Premium Level Coating

Description: Experience the ultimate in paint protection with our exclusive Tri-Brid coating, combining Sio2, Polysilazane, and Graphene in two layers. Enjoy long-term protection against paint fading, oxidation, UV rays, bug etching, and water spotting for over 7 years. This innovative formula delivers incredible hydrophobic properties, deep shine, and a silky-smooth finish, eliminating the need for waxing and making vehicle maintenance easier. Our premium TriBred Coating is perfect for light-colored cars and includes a comprehensive package for all-around protection. Plus, it comes with a 7-year PAINT warranty, covering UV damage. Upgrade to premium-level coating today!

Time: 6 hours

Cost: $1,395 - $1,995

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5 Year Ceramic Coating

Description: Discover lasting protection with our 5-Year Ceramic Composite Coating. Crafted with advanced silicon dioxide, SiN, and Polysilazane, it guarantees hydrophobic excellence, preserving your car's brilliance. Shield against UV rays, simplify maintenance, repel debris effortlessly, and defend against contaminants. Maintain showroom-worthy elegance with our paint protection.

Time: 4 Hours

Cost: $800-$1,000

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Standard Level Graphene Coating

Description: In a meticulous process, we apply a 3-year Graphene Coating to your vehicle. First, we wash it, then remove contaminants with clay and chemical treatment. Next, we use a water spot mineral remover on the paint surface before applying the durable graphene coating. Finally, we dress the tires for a complete transformation.

Time: 2 hours

Cost: $500-$700

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Standard Level Graphene Coating w/ 1 Step Polish

Description: Achieve superior vehicle aesthetics with our expert services. We offer a one-step polish for enhanced shine and gloss. Additionally, we provide a long-lasting 3-year Graphene Coating for superior protection. You can also opt for our Front Windshield Ceramic Coating to ensure clarity and durability. Elevate your car's appearance today!

Time: 6 hours

Cost: $895-$1,395

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Standard Level Graphene Coating w/Full Correction

Description: Elevate your vehicle's aesthetics with our premium services. We start with a protective Hand Wash and Clay Bar treatment, ensuring a pristine canvas. Our Full-Correction service takes care of imperfections. For long-lasting protection, we offer a 3-year Graphene Coating. Experience a new level of automotive beauty with us!

Time: 12 hours

Cost: $1,500-$2,000

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Trim Coating

Description: nhance your vehicle's appeal with our top-tier services. Our Ceramic Coating for Exterior Trim adds a brilliant finish to your car's details. With expert care, we ensure a flawless outcome. For lasting protection, we also offer a 3-year Graphene Coating. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic with our expertise!

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Cost: Prices varies Roughly $100

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Wash and Wax on Steriods


Experience the ultimate upgrade for your vehicle with our advanced detailing service. We go beyond traditional wash and wax with our 1+ year Coating, delivering superior protection against contaminants and a stunning exterior appearance.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Establishes an Ultra-Hydrophobic shield for your car's exterior surfaces.
  • Safeguards against Water Spotting, UV Rays, Chemical Stains, and Contaminants.

It's the ideal "topper" that revitalizes and upholds the performance and appearance of existing Graphene or Ceramic coatings. Elevate your car's beauty and protection with our exceptional service!

Time: 3 hours

Cost: $250-$350

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Wheel Coating (Face ONLY)

Description: We offer Ceramic Coating for wheel faces, ensuring a stunning and durable finish. Protect your wheels from road contaminants, brake dust, and enhance their appearance. Get the ultimate treatment for your vehicle's wheels with us!

Time: 2 Hours

Price: $200

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Why Choose Ceramic Coating

If you're searching for the best ceramic coating in Oahu, HI, look no further than Shea's Luxury Detailing. Our ceramic coating offers unparalleled protection, brilliant shine, and incredible water repellency for your vehicle. With our state-of-the-art technology and skilled team, we deliver exceptional results that will surpass your expectations. Our ceramic coating forms a protective layer that shields your car's paint from the harsh elements and UV rays, keeping it looking like new for years to come. Don't settle for ordinary coating options; choose Shea's Luxury Detailing for the ultimate in durability, aesthetics, and superior performance. Contact us today to get a quote or schedule an appointment for our top-notch ceramic coating services.

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