Gold Standard Waffle Pad

The Gold Standard Polishing pads are the top polishing pads for your vehicle and were engineered to work in harmony with the DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish. The waffle faced foam allows for effective cutting while providing a finish that will make any detailer proud – professional auto detailers and DIY car detailers. Combined with the Gold Standard polish these long lasting pads run cooler than flat foam pads and provide a smooth user experience.

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All Clean

All Clean is a citrus-based all-purpose car cleaner that utilizes polymers and emulsifiers to break down grease and contaminants with minimal scrubbing. All Clean makes detailing easier by combining the most effective degreasing traits into one strategically built cleaner. This all-purpose car wash formula effectively removes dirt, grime, brake dust, bugs, bird droppings, and more on contact.



Interior Clean & Protect

Interior Clean & Protect lightly cleans and protects your car’s interior finishes in one easy step. This non-greasy, streak-free car interior cleaner formula provides UV-Protection to help prevent cracking and fading on hard plastics without the oily feel or look being left behind. Interior Clean & Protect is easiest way to maintain, clean and condition your vehicle's interior surfaces. This car interior protectant spray is a jack-of-all trades and can clean every single surface inside your car from the dashboard to glass, plastic, vinyl, and more.



Gold Standard Wool Cutting Pad

The DIY Detail Gold Standard Polishing Systems Wool Cutting Pads are engineered to work in harmony with the DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish. The short nap foamed wool face allows for effective cutting for deeper scratches, and the foam interface keeps the pad in contact with the paint. Finishing with the Gold Standard Waffle pad for a perfect finish on every car.



Water Spot Remover

Hard water contains a lot of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium which can eat at the car paint. If your paint is plagued with hard water spots, DIY Detail Water Spot Remover is your answer to remove water spots.



Rinseless Wash

If you enjoy driving your car as much as you do cleaning it, DIY Detail Rinseless Car Wash is the product you need. DIY Detail Rinseless Wash, safely removes dirt, filth, and road grime from any vehicle with NO HOSE, and NO Mess. This PH-balanced formula makes cleaning safe, fun, and quick. It works safely on all automotive paint colors and vehicle brands, including those with paint protection film (PPF) or ceramic coatings.



Incredible Suds

If you enjoy foam car wash soap so thick you can’t tell the color of your paint, we have the best soap to wash a car with! DIY Detail Incredible Suds produces incredibly thick and slick car foam soap, making washing your vehicle so much fun. Incredible Suds is the perfect preparation wash for heavy and light-duty car cleaning jobs, leaving no streaks or messy residue. Enjoy your scratch-free washing experience with this specially crafted pH-neutral car wash soap.



Quick Beads

DIY Detail's Quick Beads is an easy-to-apply, high-performing Graphene infused paint protection. Quick Beads offers industry-leading durability and longevity in a DIY coating making it the perfect product for daily drivers as it protects your vehicle from road debris, dust, and other contaminants. Keep your vehicle safe from water spotting, etching, and scratching when washing your car.



Ceramic Gloss

Give your paint a stunning shine and protection that lasts for months! Ceramic Gloss is a high-tech ceramic detail spray that forms a chemical bond with your paint to increase UV protection, shine, and slickness. This ceramic gloss product gives your vehicle the new car twinkle and protection from dirt and debris, acid rain, light scratches, and extreme temperatures. As an added bonus, the water-resistant and dirt/debris-repelling properties of Ceramic Gloss make cleaning your car a breeze!



Legacy Sponge

Legacy Sponge – The Best Wash Sponge for the Most Delicate Paints

The DIY Detail Legacy car wash sponge is the evolution of the Rinseless Wash sponges pioneered and developed by Yvan Lacroix. The Legacy car wash sponge is the safest wash media available. Its thick profile eliminates pressure points and is comfortable for the user. Designed for use with DIY Detail Rinseless Wash, it’s equally at home in your DIY Detail Incredible Suds bucket. This extra-large car wash sponge holds more water and soap compared to regular sponges on the market.



Gold Standard Polish

Gold Standard Polish – Clean, Renew, and Protect All Vehicle Surfaces

The DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish’s spray application is designed to provide proper dosing and polish distribution on the polishing pad. Spraying on the pad also reduces excessive product use. The Gold Standard Car Polish quickly and gently removes fine swirls and towel marks to create a mirror like reflection on your car's exterior. This product is safe on all glossy paints including clear coats.



Interior Ceramic Coating

Interior Ceramic Coating for Cars & Trucks

Interior Ceramic Coating utilizes technology to seal the surface and increase surface tension, creating a surface with increased stain resistance and less wear and tear. Protect your vehicle from fading, stains & spills, and UV rays while also repelling water, dirt buildup, and other debris. The details matter. You want an interior coating that will get the job done right!



3 Year Graphene Coating

The DIY Detail 3-year ceramic coating is a unique blend of Silicon Dioxide (Si02), Silicon Nitride (SiN), Polysilazane, and Graphene Oxide. This easy-to-apply 3-year coating will give you years of gloss, hydrophobics, and ease of maintenance.



5 Year Ceramic Coating

Gloss, slickness, and ease of maintenance will be yours for 5 years with our easy-to-apply ceramic coating. This high-tech ceramic composite coating combines silicon dioxide (Si02), SiN, and Polysilazane to give you durable hydrophobic ceramic protection. This pro-level coating is so easy to apply that the first-time user will get spectacular results.